eric d vries | photographer

Infinite Street

Collection of street photography shots from October this year in Tokyo and Kyoto

"Walking the endless streets of Shinjuku with only my Fuji with Voightlander lens feels like I've been here before somehow although it's the first time. Must have been the pictures from the books I own about Japanese photography since I got interested in the Provoke photographers like Takahira and Moriyama. I met Daido Moriyama in an small upstairs bar in Golden Gai area which was not planned. Just went up to have a beer while looking at pictures against the wall. So I opened the door and there he was, Mr. Moriyama in person. We shook hands and I ordered a drink while looking for an empty bar chair. The tiny place is packed with photography books mostly from Japanese photographers and with only 8 bar guests it is full. A while later I left the bar after taken a shot of myself and one of the most famous photographers out there, back on the streets of Shinjuku with my fingers around the Voightlander…"

The series Infinite Street will be part of the The Monochrome Set series as a collection of black and white street shots taken in Hong Kong, Bangkok, parts of Cambodia and Japan.
The first 2 editions of The Monochrome Set will see the light in December 2018 as self-published books and will continue throughout 2019.


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