The Photography Tours / Workshops in Hong Kong with professional photographer Eric D Vries are a great way to improve your photography skills and explore parts of bustling city of Hong Kong at the same time.

These workshops are educational and hand-on experiences and Eric’s goal is to show you the best spots and locations in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island during your photography workshop, by sharing his experience and knowledge of photography to help you understand your equipment and archieve your goals, and to take you on incredible photo workshops that will inspire you for the rest of your life.

The Hong Kong Photography Tour & Workshop
a 3-day photo experience in Hong Kong with pro-photographer Eric d Vries.
Hong Kong is alive and kicking, awesome for street photography. Lots of things to see, lots of things to explore, a picture around every corner… Hong Kong is a mix of cultures, the new and the old, you will find traditional Chinese temples and modern skyscrapers. Think about exploring a vibrant city with its streets and photogenic highlights with a photographer who will show you the way…

“You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.” - Nury Vittachi

The 3-days Hong Kong Photography Workshops are mostly about street photography. We’ll teach you about composition, light, camera settings and… the moment! But there’s more! Besides walking and exploring the streets of different areas in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon we will show you the best spots, the city’s highlights. And… did I mention the gorgeous Hong Kong Chicken Curry? The best, I would say…


day 1
Meeting in the lobby of your hotel for an introduction and explanation of 'street photography' followed by a photo walk in parts of Kowloon to practise. Eric will teach you about light, composition, different camera settings and 'the moment'. During lunchtime we'll have a closer look at the photographs been taken. After lunch we'll be exploring more parts of Kowloon including lively markets, small alleys and busy streets, temples, a shopping mall etc. In the evening we'll be taken photographs of Victoria Harbour with its impressive skyline (bring a small tripod)…
day 2
The day starts with a travel to an abandoned fishing village where we explore and practise 'still life photography'. After lunch and a critique session of the pictures taken we'll board the ferry to Hong Kong Island for some 'street and architecture photography' while moving from Central to Quarry Bay.
Optional: an evening 'street photography' session and some long-exposure photography practise in Wan Chai (bring a small tripod)…
day 3
Back to the streets of Kowloon (across Kowloon Bay) for a photo walk while more focussing on urban landscapes. After lunch we're heading back to Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) for a personal assignment of what you've been learning so far followed by a trip with one of the 'antique' junk boats of Victoria Harbour to relax and showing some of the pictures been taken earlier…

Optional: selecting and editing session when back at your hotel in the afternoon so please bring a laptop or tabled…

The Hong Kong Photography Tours / Workshops

Price: 1195 usd (1 and/or 2 persons)
Price includes:
instructions by professional photographer Eric d Vries,
photo walks, critique sessions, lunches

not included:
flights to/from Hong Kong, Octopus MTR, hotel accommodations, personal expenses

What to bring?
Camera: DSLR / mirrorless cameras
Lenses: medium zooms and wide-angles are recommended
Raincoat (during monsoon season)
Charged batteries and charger
Formatted memory cards
Sunscreen, hat and scarf for sun protection
Comfortable shoes a must!
Laptop or tablet for editing workshop participators

If you have any questions about the workshops please don’t hesitate to contact Eric at ericdvriesphotography (at) gmail (dot) com

For analog shooters there are possibilities in Hong Kong to process your films within 2 hours with options to put your images onto cd-rom.
Check out the gallery with photographs taken during the Hong Kong workshops here...

My husband and I booked Eric for a 3-day photography course in Hong Kong during our long and planned stopover before heading for Vietnam. He picked us up at our hotel for a street photography morning in Kowloon. Although we're average shooters Eric showed us how to get the 'decisive moment'. We never did anything like street photography so it was a blast! He is very patient and knows the city well showing lots of city's highlights, the busy markets, a boat trip, the subway, the buildings. We improved our photography skills a lot. Thanks, Eric, you're the best!

The difference for me and my wife between a good trip to SE Asia and a GREAT trip is Eric D'vries. We have now attended photo tours with him to Siem Reap, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Hanoi. As a teacher myself, I can say that some can teach, and others while good at their area of expertise, simply can't . Eric can teach. He serves as our photography mentor, part-time tour guide, and upbeat attitude coach. We have now spent about a dozen days with Eric, and every one has been a blast. On top of his being a superb photographer and mentor, I find his fees very fair. My favorite vacation days are consistently the ones I spend with Eric.

Just finished a 5 day Photo Workshop with Eric in Hong Kong. It was excellent. Eric was great with the photography instruction and knows Hong Kong well. We went to all his locations and went to more than a few that I wanted to explore. This was my second time using Eric's services. Took his Angkor and Countryside workshops years ago. Eric is great with a camera whether digital or film and knows the angles, light and what is possible and what is not with a camera. You will learn a lot from him. Thanks!

My day with Eric and his photography tour was probably my favorite vacation day ever. Why? Because Eric is: talented, organized, funny, and insightful. He walked into our hotel to pick us up for the tour and immediately noticed that I had just used the flash on my camera...a no-no for a street photographer. And then it was uphill from there...a day of pure enjoyment. He had all our locations and transportation to them totally organized. He took us to a small village and its market that we would never have seen on our own...where the people there were familiar enough with him to allow us to photograph them. Another example of his planning and attention to detail was his taking us to an empty pagoda where he closed every window but one which then let in a stream of light that fell directly onto the face of a statue which we could then photograph. Later, after providing us with a terrific lunch he led us down a river to a remote floating village- another great target to shoot with our cameras. As a teacher ( as I am myself) Eric is top- notch, offering criticism and praise; and he can take it as well as dish it out.
Lastly, I must say that Eric created a monster....he converted my wife from a novice to now a passionate photographer. Eric, you're the best!

Prior to my day with Eric, I will admit I was very apprehensive and nervous being the novice "auto" shooter that I was. I have a camera on auto and that was all I knew...it worked. Eric turned me into a Manual Setting kind of gal. His approach to teaching, his techniques, his personality, his day planned to perfection has made me want to practice exactly what he preached in a very unpreachy way.....does that make any sense? All his prior reviews ring true. Thanks Eric for being the photo guru......




If you have any questions about the workshops please don’t hesitate to contact Eric at ericdvriesphotography (at) gmail (dot) com

All images by Eric D Vries

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